The Soft, Kind, Loving Face of Hate

A Wide Ranging Mega-Sized Edition of the Dividing Line

Response to the Video “Just People,” Followed by More Anti-Calvinist Derangement Syndrome

Ecclesiology, Response to Matthew Vines, And Almost a Third Topic…But Not Quite


Can a Non-Marriage Experience Divorce? And Ergun Caner on Mormonism

The Tsunami of Pro-Homosexual Books from “Gay Christians” and Their Supporters

A Response to Matthew Vines

“Gay Christianity” Debated

Finally! We Concluded the Matthew Vines Response on Today’s Mega Dividing Line

Gay marriage and then Calvinism

Same Sex Controversy part 3 of 3: Leviticus and the Application of the Holiness Code

Same Sex Controversy part 2 of 3: Refuting 8 Revisionist Theories about Romans 1

Debate: Is Homosexuality Compatible with Authentic Christianity? Barry Lynn, Long Island, New York, 5/15/2001

Same Sex Controversy part 1 of 3: Sodom, and more from the JW Martin Smart

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