A Response to an Article Critiquing the Dividing Line Broadcast of Saturday, June 24, 2000

Jehovah’s Witnesses, Deity of Christ, and Theological Balance

The Pre-existence of Christ In Scripture, Patristics and Creed

Presenting the Deity of Christ to Jehovah’s Witnesses, part 1 of 2

Historical Dishonesty and the Watchtower Society: Ignatius and the Deity of Christ

Purpose and Meaning of “Ego Eimi” in the Gospel of John


Jesus Christ – the Lamb of Revelation


Theotetos: Meaning at Colossians 2:9

Goodspeed and The Deity of Christ


PROTOTOKOS (“Firstborn”): Its Meaning and Usage In the New Testament

Son of God, Lord of Glory – The Biblical Doctrine of the Deity of Christ


Is Jesus Yahweh?


John 1:1 Meaning and Translation

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