An Unusual Monday Morning Dividing Line

KJV Only Abuse of Numerology, Dan McClellan on NT Manuscripts

Road Trip Dividing Line: Eric Holmberg’s Conversion Syndrome, Joel Beeke on the KJV

Jumbo Dividing Line: Biblicism is the Road to Rome (Steve Meister)? Then Semantic Domains and Much More

Apologizing for the Bible, Textual Critical Issues and the TR

Sam Gipp Versus the KJV Translators, Mormonism Review Including the Book of Abraham

Cultic KJVOism, then a Deep Dive into Theological Method

Review of Today’s Totalitarian Nonsense, the Importance of History, Psalm 110, Psalm 12 and KJVOism

A New Open Phones Format Show!

Yes, Lillibell, We Did Another Radio Free Geneva, and It Was Two Hours Long!

Road Tripping in El Paso

The King James Bible Debate with Nathan Cravatt

A Las Vegas Road Trip DL

Titus 2:13 and 2 Peter 1:1: Testimonies to the Deity of Jesus Christ

A Multi-Faceted Program

Relevant Hit Piece, Targeting Home Schoolers, Acts 8:37

Vaccines, Lindsay, KJV Onlyism, Roman Catholic Apologetics Arguments+

Vaccines, Lindsay, KJV Onlyism, Roman Catholic Apologetics Arguments

A Little Covid Madness at the Start, then the Hyper Skepticism of the TR Only Movement in Light of Mark 1:1

Swimming the Tiber, Hosea 11:1 in the LXX, Frank Turek on Molinism

The Corona Mask, Transgenderism, Molinistic Soteriology

Open Phones Dividing Line Friday

Open Phones on the Third Dividing Line of Coronavirus Week #1

A Jumbo-Mega Edition of the Dividing Line (Two Hours 45 Minutes)

A Little KJV Music, A Little Wild Leftism, then Trent Horne on Sola Scriptura

KJB Fundy Numerology, Flowers’ Unwanted Child, RNS Opinion Piece on Cone

Two Refutations: Eric Mason (First Hour), Jeffrey Riddle (Last Half Hour)

Gene Kim, Steven Anderson, TRTrads—and a Word to My Fellow Reformed Believers on the Supernatural

1 John 5:7, the Comma Johanneum, Examined

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