Four Open Phone Calls, Leighton Flowers Says I Only Use “Biased” Sources

Gene Kim, Steven Anderson, TRTrads—and a Word to My Fellow Reformed Believers on the Supernatural

Joshua Harris’ Rainbow Adventure, Religious Freedom, Critical Theory, and the Founders Trailer

All Authority is Given to the Risen Christ, Immaturity is Now the Rage, the Jenkins Piece on Sovereign

“Those Who Hate Me Love Death.” —Godly Wisdom

2017: The Year in Review (Update: Fritz Erbe Video Now Linked)

Stability, Order, Foundations, Adiaphora, and a Bible-Based Trip Down Memory Lane

An Hour Long Discussion About What Matters: Freedom, Dividing Lines, Catholicity, the Lordship of Christ

Miscellaneous Thoughts and Ramblings and Things Like That…

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