Revolution or Obedience? A Response to Jonathan Leeman's Position Regarding Civil Disobedience+

Revolution or Obedience? A Response to Jonathan Leeman’s Position Regarding Civil Disobedience

Todd White Discovers Spurgeon, Timothy Cho, Free Speech, TR-Onlyism

Answering Questions from Friends

A Bit More on James 2, Molinism, More Augustine Actual

Paula White and the Bees, Ken Wilson Pumps Up the Dead

Governmental Authority and the Church

A Meandering Discussion of Eternal Punishment, Hell, Conditionalism and Gnosticism

Psalm 90, and Then a Few Comments on the SBC

Open Phones for Almost 90 Minutes

Open Phones on the Third Dividing Line of Coronavirus Week #1

Mortality, Books to Read, and a Quick Response on Romans 8

KJB Fundy Numerology, Flowers’ Unwanted Child, RNS Opinion Piece on Cone

Bethel Church and Miracles, Rosaria Butterfield, Gender Pronouns, and the Post-Obergefell World

Key Advent Texts from Isaiah and Micah, Paul, Demas, Alexander.

Alexanders and the Church

1 Peter 3:15 and then David and Bathsheba

The “And” Movement, Abortion, and Social Justice, then Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, and William Lane Craig

A First Century Witness to Justification By Faith Followed by Open Phones

Open Phones with Pastors James and Jeff

Marty Sampson’s Instagram Article, Faithfulness, and then 30 Minutes of Open Phones

Joshua Harris’ Rainbow Adventure, Religious Freedom, Critical Theory, and the Founders Trailer

Apostasy: a New Testament Consideration

An In-Depth Look at Ephesians 1

Critical Theory in the Church, the “Transient Text,” and Open Phones


God’s Election and Reprobation in 2 Thessalonians 2:9–14

The DL Wins the Finals, Dr. Buck Reports on the SBC Annual Meeting, Dale Tuggy Wins the Strawman Award

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