A Requiem for a Republic, Be Faithful Unto Death

Grogu Watches the Dividing Line

A New Testament Wide Survey of Thanksgiving

Post Election Rambling for Christians

The War on Language: Part 1

Issues About the Viral Panic, then John 6…the Rest of the Story

Revolution or Obedience? A Response to Jonathan Leeman's Position Regarding Civil Disobedience+

Revolution or Obedience? A Response to Jonathan Leeman’s Position Regarding Civil Disobedience

Todd White Discovers Spurgeon, Timothy Cho, Free Speech, TR-Onlyism

Answering Questions from Friends

A Bit More on James 2, Molinism, More Augustine Actual

Paula White and the Bees, Ken Wilson Pumps Up the Dead

Governmental Authority and the Church

A Meandering Discussion of Eternal Punishment, Hell, Conditionalism and Gnosticism

Psalm 90, and Then a Few Comments on the SBC

Open Phones for Almost 90 Minutes

Open Phones on the Third Dividing Line of Coronavirus Week #1

Mortality, Books to Read, and a Quick Response on Romans 8

KJB Fundy Numerology, Flowers’ Unwanted Child, RNS Opinion Piece on Cone

Bethel Church and Miracles, Rosaria Butterfield, Gender Pronouns, and the Post-Obergefell World

Key Advent Texts from Isaiah and Micah, Paul, Demas, Alexander.

Alexanders and the Church

1 Peter 3:15 and then David and Bathsheba

The “And” Movement, Abortion, and Social Justice, then Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, and William Lane Craig

A First Century Witness to Justification By Faith Followed by Open Phones

Open Phones with Pastors James and Jeff

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