The Dividing Line/CrossPolitic Cross Over Show!

Gene Bridges, Anthony Bradley, Greg Johnson, Michael Heiser, and Bruxy Cavey!

1 Timothy 2, Men and Women in the Church, then a Full Review of Shapiro/Craig

1 John 1:5-2:2, Brief Discussion on Presuppositional Apologetics

Debate Report from London, Open Phones, Twitter Questions

Drawing the Lines: Matt Walsh, Serene Jones, Ron Underwood

A Few Opening Thoughts then Open Phones

“Those Who Hate Me Love Death.” —Godly Wisdom

James White and Jason Robinson Discuss Romans 8:28-34

Responding to the IFB/KJVOs: James White and Jeff Durbin

Catching Up on Recent Events Before Leaving Town

Beth Moore’s Racist Library and Open Phones

The Wiccans and the Presbies, then Open Phones with Great Calls

Dr. Mason’s The Woke Church’s Misrepresentation, Open Phones

Catching Up on Events Since Travels to Scotland and Israel: Russell Moore, Brandi Miller, and Andy Stanley

Shawn McCraney and Ephesians 1 on Radio Free Geneva

Mormonism and the LGBTQ Movement, China’s Totalitarianism, Polight’s Confusion, Open Phones UPDATED

The Danger of “Gay Christianity,” Islamicize Me Redux, a Bit More on the SBC

Quick Ministry Report from Around the World, the “First Century Mark” Fragment That Isn’t, the Mockumentary, and the SBC

A Dividing Line of Clarification

Reconciliation in Scripture Examined, Then Open Phones

Nearly Two Hours on Critical Race Theory, White Privilege, T4G, and More

Full Response to Thabiti Anyabwile on Colossians and Related Topics, Open Phones

The Racialist Lens Disrupts True Christian Unity: A Response to Thabiti Anyabwile

White Supremacy, Martin Luther King Jr.’s Theology, Imputed Guilt by Race, Kyle J. Howard’s Fear, Racialism, Open Phones

Open Phones on the Dividing Line!

Open Lines on the Dividing Line

2 John 11 Abused by Imbalanced Calvinists, the Death of LDS President Monson, Further Response to Ijaz Ahmad

Setting the Record Straight: Dr. Michael Brown Our Special Guest

Beyond Mega Length Edition of the DL: Textual Critical Topics, Islamic Topics, Response to Theodore Zachariades

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