Francis’ Empty Hell, Brandan’s Empty Bible

90 Minutes of Open Phones on the Dividing Line

Responding to Trent Horn on Theopneustos, Part I

More Attempts at Sneaking Man’s Autonomy into Scripture

J.E. Smith and the Action of the Son in Philippians 2

A Twitter Based Dividing Line

No EFS, Predicate Adjectives and Scripture, the God Who Works All Things

Radio Free Geneva: Frank Turek, Norm Geisler, David Allen

Let God Speak: Hermeneutics

Philippians 2, the Carmen Christi, and Accusations of Kenotic Heresy

Radio Free Geneva: Responding to Flame on Romans 9

Another Road Trip DL with Commentary, Some Keller Response, and Enduring for the Elect

Covid Tyranny, then 1 Cor 10:13, John 12:32

Titus 2:13 and 2 Peter 1:1: Testimonies to the Deity of Jesus Christ

The Regime Tightens Its Control, A Review of Dr. Gagnon’s Soteriology Posts on Facebook

Big Brother Tweets, FB Discussion, Junias, and Sola Scriptura

More on the Worldview Revolution, then an Overview of 1 Tim 2

Canadian Tyranny and Anthony Bradley Remote Diagnosis

A Review and Refutation of Provisionist Confusion+

A Review and Refutation of Provisionist Confusion

Special Guest Tom Buck/1 Corinthians 1 and a Debate

Max Lucado’s Apology for Having Spoken the Truth, Ravi Zacharias Scandal, and Yes, Mildred, He’s a Postmillennialist

Conversion Bills, Great Reset News, Romans 13 Revisited

A Biblical Case for Civil Disobedience & the Right Use of Romans 13

Our First Studio Dividing Line: Romans 13, 1 Peter 2, and More

A Bunch of Woke Stuff, then Underappreciated Incarnational Texts

Paul's Expanded Shema and Important Truths in Handling Scripture+

Paul’s Expanded Shema and Important Truths in Handling Scripture

Lewis’ “Prophecies,” Cosmic Reconciliation, the Beauty of Creation

WEF’s Utopia, Live Not By Lies, the Slick v. Shamoun Debate

We Should Have Just Made This a Radio Free Geneva+

We Should Have Just Made This a Radio Free Geneva

Open Phones Dividing Line Friday

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