Dr. Nate Collins’ Presentation at Revoice 2018 Examined

Just Open Phones for 75 Minutes on the Dividing Line Today

RHE & Brian Zahnd Misrepresent Inerrancy, Matt Chandler’s Pirates, the “Secret” Leviticus, and a Little Revoice Preview

Tim Keller on Jesus Getting Close to You, DTS and Ephesians 5, the Book of Abraham

James Cone Eulogized by Evangelicals, Andy Stanley Unhooks the Old Testament, Open Phones on a Ton of Interesting Topics

Sam Harris and Bart Ehrman Chat Christianity, Open Phones on Many Topics

Philosophical “Response,” Racialism Again, Calls Including Church of Christ Question

Pelagians on Twitter, Man-Centered God at Bethel, Presuppositions in Ehrman, Open Phones

A Little Bill Johnson, a Bunch of Islamic Material, and an Intro to the Ehrman/Licona Debate

Vines/McDowell Dialogue, Encouraging Podcast, Calls on Today’s Jumbo Edition of the Dividing Line

A Scriptural Case for the Deity of Christ/Interaction with a Proposal for the Government to “Study” Islam

The Apostle Paul’s Simple Response to Brannon Howse

Cultures That Abandon God’s Light Lose that Light, Then Hebrews 1:3 Textual Critical Discussion

Preacher: Preach the Word (Part 2)


Did Paul ever meet Jesus and hear him teach? Yes, it is likely

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