Persecution of Christians Around the World

Relevant Hit Piece, Targeting Home Schoolers, Acts 8:37

Responding to JD Greear and Others, Tisby & Vischer, the Big Picture

A Biblical Case for Civil Disobedience & the Right Use of Romans 13

Our First Studio Dividing Line: Romans 13, 1 Peter 2, and More

The Day After

Challenges for the Global Church

A Requiem for a Republic, Be Faithful Unto Death

Response to Rick Warren on the Nature of the Church and More

Catching Up on Events

Approaching the Subject of Baptism Fairly, Group of Current Events

German Police And More

Who We are Subject To, and a Response to Jimmy Akin on Pope Francis

Big Brother Watch, Lessons from Acts 12

Where We Stand: How Church History Can Help, But Only So Far

Post Election Rambling for Christians

Pre-Election Day DL with Psalm 33 and JD Greear

WEF’s Utopia, Live Not By Lies, the Slick v. Shamoun Debate

The Pope, the Red Pill, the Muslims, and John Piper

Responding to Tim Staples on Catholic Answers Live on Sola Scriptura

The Grinch Comes to California, Open Phones

Jemar Tisby, Woke Ideology, then Jeff Riddle’s “Shocking” Statements

Nebuchadnezzar Knew

Revolution or Obedience? A Response to Jonathan Leeman's Position Regarding Civil Disobedience+

Revolution or Obedience? A Response to Jonathan Leeman’s Position Regarding Civil Disobedience

Todd White Discovers Spurgeon, Timothy Cho, Free Speech, TR-Onlyism

Open Phones Dividing Line Friday

Catching Up on the Revolution

Supreme Court, BLM, Thabiti, 2 Cor. 4:4

Revelation 6, Mohler and the Leftists, James Gets Canceled Again, JK Rowling

Living in Two Worlds, then, A Full Response to a Muslim “Revert”

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