Persecution of Christians Around the World

The Apostle Paul’s Simple Response to Brannon Howse

A Potpourri of Topics

An Hour Long Discussion About What Matters: Freedom, Dividing Lines, Catholicity, the Lordship of Christ

Preaching Jesus on the Jersey Shore

My Full Response to the Dr. Drew “After Show” Video

A Wide-Ranging, Important, Jumbo-Sized Dividing Line!

The Vile Hate Mongering of Dan Savage+

The Vile Hate Mongering of Dan Savage

The Soft, Kind, Loving Face of Hate

A Wide Ranging Mega-Sized Edition of the Dividing Line

One Biblical Reason Why Judgment Day is Not on May 21

As You Worship Today…

Remember the Persecuted+

Remember the Persecuted

“But I chose you out of the world, and because of this, the world hates you” Our Lord, John 15:19

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