Responding to a Roman Catholic Convert

Too Many Topics Today To Remember!

Radio Free Geneva: Jason Breda on John 6, Part I

Final Road Trip DL for Now! Mainly a Review of a “Former Calvinist” and His Handling of Scripture

A Twitter Theology Dividing Line

Bruce Jenner Is Still Here, Then Leighton Flowers and Colossians 2:12

From Harari to Barber: Trying to Make Sense of the Fast Moving World Around Us

Solo Flight #2: Christ’s Reign, Derek Webb’s Darkness, Answering Leighton Flowers

More Attempts at Sneaking Man’s Autonomy into Scripture

Lots of Topics on the DL Today

Road Trip Dividing Line from Texas: Special Revelation, Natural Revelation, and Some Inseparable Operations

Road Trip Dividing Line

Open Zoom Calls on the Dividing Line

Radio Free Geneva: Frank Turek, Norm Geisler, David Allen

Dr. Turek on Calvinism Taking the “Easy” Way, Pope Francis, and Others You’d Never Expect, Say “Go to Thomas!”

Deconstructed Baptists, Another Confusing Keller Tweet, Second Run at John 6.

A Few Thoughts on the Crush of the World, Responses to Pullmann/Hess

Road Trip Radio Free Geneva!

Road Trip Debate Review, Quick Comments on Pallmann/Hess Review

Ed Shaw, Church Split, Provisionism

John 6 Rescued from Leighton’s Scissors, then Jordan Peterson’s Amazing Statement

Aquinas Invades the Reformed Baptists, Tim Stratton Continued

First Program on Odysee: Omicron Variants, Scotus Case, TROnlyism Again, Responding to Tim Stratton

Yes, Lillibell, We Did Another Radio Free Geneva, and It Was Two Hours Long!

Clearing the Table Before Tomorrow’s Radio Free Geneva

Being Reformed, Provisionism in Rome, Aquinas in Geneva

Road Trip #2 Live from Conway, Arkansas

Radio Free Geneva (90 Minutes), Further Topics

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