The Day After

A Requiem for a Republic, Be Faithful Unto Death

Catching Up on Events

Story Time with Uncle Jimmy, The Scythian Test in Response to J. Ligon Duncan

An Incarnation Story (Prologue of John), Family Memories, Debate Challenges

Pre-Election Day DL with Psalm 33 and JD Greear

I Voted—Why? And More, Then Back to Reconciliation in Colossians and Ephesians

WEF’s Utopia, Live Not By Lies, the Slick v. Shamoun Debate

Responding to Tim Staples on Catholic Answers Live on Sola Scriptura

The Grinch Comes to California, Open Phones

Lots of Topics to Finish the Week!

Jemar Tisby, Woke Ideology, then Jeff Riddle’s “Shocking” Statements

The War on Language: Part 1

Pro-life Evangelicals for Biden? The Real Issue with TR Onlyism

Nope, That Was Not a Debate

Last Program for a Week—Enjoy!

The Wrath of the Lamb

Nebuchadnezzar Knew

Issues About the Viral Panic, then John 6…the Rest of the Story

Eric Mason, Lecrae, Timothy Keller

Able or slave? Then the Broke Woke Church

Woke Religion with Tim Keller, Fulgentius of Ruspe on the Hypostatic Union

James Cone’s Children, Then In-Depth on the Immaculate Conception

Todd White Discovers Spurgeon, Timothy Cho, Free Speech, TR-Onlyism

Another Potpourri Show!

A Remote Dividing Line that Did Not Look Remote

The Sudden Clarity of Black Racism (Louis Farrakhan), Then a Response to Jonathan McLatchie on the Noetic Effect of Sin

Open Phones Dividing Line Friday

Another Potpourri of Topics, Including the Future of Mormonism

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