A Sorta Radio Free Geneva from the New Rig

Road Trip DL: Stream Died in the Wilderness; Tuggy and Flowers Comments, More John 6.

Post Debate Road Trip Dividing Line: Flowers Debate Review

Road Trip Morning Dividing Line

Pre-Debate Road Trip Dividing Line from Houston

Provisionist Palaver, Trent Horn on Argumentation, A Few Moments with Carl Trueman and Doctrinal Development

A Review of “The Revealed God”

Radio Free Geneva! Flowers, McGrew and that Other Guy, then Gregory Boyd

The Revealed God with Jeffrey Johnson; Stephen Wolfe’s 2024 Resolutions

The Aquinification of MBTS, Philosophical Trinitarianism, Responses to Soteriology 101

Road Trip Radio Free Geneva: Only the Apostles were Predestined!

Road Trip Dividing Line: Eric Holmberg’s Conversion Syndrome, Joel Beeke on the KJV

Too Many Topics Today To Remember!

Quick Thoughts on Ohio and the Pope, then Continuation of Radio Free Geneva

Jeff Durbin on Ohio and Equal Protection, Muhammad Hijab’s Opening Presentation

Zach Lambert’s Sermon Concluded

Doug Wilson’s Response to Riley, Taylor Marshall and Justification

Pope Francis, Andy Stanley, and Stephen Wolfe Walk into a Bar….

Final Road Trip DL for Now! Mainly a Review of a “Former Calvinist” and His Handling of Scripture

Jumbo Dividing Line: Biblicism is the Road to Rome (Steve Meister)? Then Semantic Domains and Much More

New Video on Eastern Orthodoxy, Biblicism is “Cultic,” Dale Tuggy States His Position

A Jumbo Road Trip DL!

Jeff Durbin’s Pink Tie, Trent Horn and the Word of God

Road Trip Dividing Line: New Plans, Greear on the Church’s Failure, Fesko against Van Til, Preview of Radio Free Geneva

No EFS, Predicate Adjectives and Scripture, the God Who Works All Things

Comparing the meaning and application of “jot and tittle” from Matthew 5:18 with the assertions of Peter Van Kleeck

Radio Free Geneva: Frank Turek, Norm Geisler, David Allen

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