South African Controversy and Debate, and More Reformation History

Jason Lisle on Apologetics and Science, Honesty in Textual Criticism, More Reformation History

Radio Free Geneva! Robert Jeffress, Roman Catholicism, the Reformation, and then Kevin Thompson on John 6 (Mega Edition)

Washington Conference, JefftheGK and IFD, the Lollards

Archbishop of Canterbury Can’t Answer Direct Questions, More on the I Am Sayings of Jesus

Horrible Arguments for the Roman Priesthood, Did Jesus Say the I Am Statements?

Dealing With the Big Issues, Nabeel Qureshi, Truly Bad IFD, Thoughts from the Reformation Tour

Worship in Spirit and Truth, Totalitarianism, Robert Spencer Retreads

Another Mega DL! Lots of Topics, Including P&P, Proud of Multiple Abortions, Muslim Arguments, KJV Onlyism

Mega DL! P&P on the NS; Great Statement on Critical Race Theory; 80 Minutes in Response to Roman Catholic Video

Steve Camp on BTWN: Reviewed and Refuted

The Nashville Statement (First Hour), Racialism Dividing the Church (2nd Hour)

Brannon Howse: When You Combine Abject Dishonesty, Conspiratorialism, and Sub-Biblical Theology+

Brannon Howse: When You Combine Abject Dishonesty, Conspiratorialism, and Sub-Biblical Theology

Meme Day on the Dividing Line

Just Can’t Argue with the Video

A Clarification on the Trinity for a Muslim/Brannon Howse on the Hagmann Report

God Made Man and Woman. PERIOD. Then Back to William Lane Craig and Presuppositionalism

A Scriptural Case for the Deity of Christ/Interaction with a Proposal for the Government to “Study” Islam

William Lane Craig on Presuppositionalism, More on the White/Howse (Get It?) Controversy

A Little Bit on Eugene Peterson, a Whole Lot on James Simpson

Useful Idiot for Islamism? Or Adorning the Gospel of Christ? A Response to James Simpson and American Thinker

Cultures That Abandon God’s Light Lose that Light, Then Hebrews 1:3 Textual Critical Discussion

Skype Dividing Line from Evergreen, Colorado

Inerrancy and Harmonization: What’s the Problem?

Yusuf Ismail and Deuteronomy, and Further Response to Abu Zakariya

Colossians 3 in P46, Hagmann’s Take on the Dialogue, Beginning of Review/Response to Abu Zakariya

John 11, Surah 3, and Consistency

A Program for the INC: John 1:1, 17:3, and Other Biblical Issues Post-Debate

INC Debate Review, P&P Controversy

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