Bishop Swan’s Racism, Pronouns Matter, Jeffrey Riddle’s Abuse of P46

Gender Care, Text and Canon Conference Reviewed

Two Refutations: Eric Mason (First Hour), Jeffrey Riddle (Last Half Hour)

Gene Kim, Steven Anderson, TRTrads—and a Word to My Fellow Reformed Believers on the Supernatural

David Allen on Romans 8 Fully Examined; Fundie Calvinists

Go Home, Trans-Madness, Australia Report

1 Peter 3:15 and then David and Bathsheba

Report on Salt Lake Missions Trip & Debates, Then the Heresy of “Black Forgiveness”

The “And” Movement, Abortion, and Social Justice, then Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, and William Lane Craig

1 John 5:7, the Comma Johanneum, Examined

The New Religion of Climate Worship is the Culture of Death, Response to the Textual Traditionalists

Pulpit & Pen, Sam Shamoun, TR Onlyism, Oh My!

Woke History and Critical Theory, David Allen and Romans 8, TR Only Mythology

A First Century Witness to Justification By Faith Followed by Open Phones

Offering Incense to Caesar: Are You Ready?

Open Phones with Pastors James and Jeff

A Ton of Important Stuff But Too Long for a Title!

JD Greear, Homosexuality, Michael Licona, Certainty and Assurance

Debate Reports from South Africa: Graeme Codrington, Ayoob Karim, Yusuf Ismail

Marty Sampson’s Instagram Article, Faithfulness, and then 30 Minutes of Open Phones

An In-Depth Look at Ephesians 1

“By What Standard” Trailer, the 11th Commandment, and the CT Outrage Machine

All Authority is Given to the Risen Christ, Immaturity is Now the Rage, the Jenkins Piece on Sovereign

More Moore, Tim Staples Speaks Synergism, Steven Anderson and the RBs, Phone Calls, Thoughts on Growth and Change


God’s Election and Reprobation in 2 Thessalonians 2:9–14

Beth Moore Open Letter on Homosexuality, Then A “Choice” Radio Free Geneva!

The DL Wins the Finals, Dr. Buck Reports on the SBC Annual Meeting, Dale Tuggy Wins the Strawman Award

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