More Moore, Tim Staples Speaks Synergism, Steven Anderson and the RBs, Phone Calls, Thoughts on Growth and Change


God’s Election and Reprobation in 2 Thessalonians 2:9–14

Beth Moore Open Letter on Homosexuality, Then A “Choice” Radio Free Geneva!

The DL Wins the Finals, Dr. Buck Reports on the SBC Annual Meeting, Dale Tuggy Wins the Strawman Award

D-Day in the History of Both World Wars then Using Presupposionalism in Apologetics

The Dividing Line/CrossPolitic Cross Over Show!

Radio Free Geneva: Mike Winger and Limited Atonement Once Again!

The Hunter/Pritchett Insult Fest, Kwaku El Concluded, Jared Wilson on George Whitefield’s Eternal Soul

Jeff Durbin Joins James to Discuss Andy Stanley and Kwaku El

Gene Bridges, Anthony Bradley, Greg Johnson, Michael Heiser, and Bruxy Cavey!

1 Timothy 2, Men and Women in the Church, then a Full Review of Shapiro/Craig

1 John 1:5-2:2, Brief Discussion on Presuppositional Apologetics

Debate Report from London, Open Phones, Twitter Questions

Refuting Bradly Mason’s Critical Theory Diatribe, Interacting on “Cultural Marxism,” Live from London

Drawing the Lines: Matt Walsh, Serene Jones, Ron Underwood

A Few Opening Thoughts then Open Phones

William Lane Craig and the Basis of Faith, Douglas Beaumont’s Failed Attempt at Redefining John 6:44

Radio Free Geneva: Jesse Morrell Exposed, John 6:44 Excuses Examined

City Council Video, Ekemini Uwan and Wicked Whiteness, Radio Free Geneva on Leighton Flowers

Upcoming Debates, Tom Buck and Sam Allberry, Steven Anderson and Textual Traditionalism

Microphone Testing, Living Out, Traditional Textism and the Longer Ending of Mark

In Defense of Sound Guys, Oppression and Exegesis, a Bit on Psalm 12 and the Text

A Steve Hays Face-Plant, Closer Look at Texts like 1 John 3:1, A Tad of Steven Anderson, Four Phone Calls

Reviewing Recent Interactions on Line, then Back to Erasmus and the Text

Shepherd’s Conference 2019 Q&A: Mohler, Dever, Duncan, MacArthur, Johnson

Future Predictions, Social Issues, Refuting Bradly Mason, Erasmus, and Steven Anderson Chapter 3

Debate: The Extent of the Atonement: A Brotherly, Biblically-Based Discussion and Disagreement, Michael Brown, 2/27/2019

An Almost Two Hour DL: Sam Allberry’s RZIM Presentation on Transgenderism, the Important Issues in Textual Traditionalism

Cultural Observations on the Sexual Revolution, Mormonism, Racialism, and Calls

Radio Free Geneva: NIFB Arguments Reviewed, the Ecclesiastical Text Movement Examined

A Twitter Convo, David Bernard Podcast on the Trinity, Open Phones

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