John 3:16 Again, Racialism, CBGM, Peterson/Shapiro Dialogue

Micro-Aggression Worship Songs, Tweets from the MLK50 Conference, Ehrman on the Gospel Writers, Open Phones

Philosophical “Response,” Racialism Again, Calls Including Church of Christ Question

Pelagians on Twitter, Man-Centered God at Bethel, Presuppositions in Ehrman, Open Phones

Chasing Textual Criticism into BYU, then Open Phones

LGBTQ Tweets, Ehrman Dividing Mark and John, Open Phones

Humanzees, Jordan Peterson, Parallel Gospels, and Open Phones

The New GTY Assault Bible, NA29 Due in 2021, Billy Graham, then Back to Ehrman/Licona

A Little Bill Johnson, a Bunch of Islamic Material, and an Intro to the Ehrman/Licona Debate

Series to Begin Next Week, the Ebionites, and Open Phones on a 95 Minute Dividing Line

Vines/McDowell Dialogue, Encouraging Podcast, Calls on Today’s Jumbo Edition of the Dividing Line

Open Phones on the Dividing Line!

Modalism Destroys the Gospel, Church History Continued, Response to Jordan Hall’s Unhinged Diatribe

What Justin Martyr Actually Said, Transmission of the Text, Open Phones

Open Lines on the Dividing Line

The Religion of Moloch Lives, Lizzie Schofield’s Review of G3 Debate, S&K Swings and Misses Yet Again

G3 Debate Report, Being Fair in Dealing with the Qur’an

A Little Molinism, and a Little Oneness

Ijaz Ahmad and Corruption of Scripture, A False Dilemma for Christians, Thoughts on the Condemnation of Michael Brown

2 John 11 Abused by Imbalanced Calvinists, the Death of LDS President Monson, Further Response to Ijaz Ahmad

Setting the Record Straight: Dr. Michael Brown Our Special Guest

2017: The Year in Review (Update: Fritz Erbe Video Now Linked)

Remembering RC, Then, Refuting More Textual Traditionalism

The Pope and the Lord’s Prayer, Slander & Keyboard, SJC, Zachariades & God’s Justice

Almost Mega Length DL with Five Major Topics

Beyond Mega Length Edition of the DL: Textual Critical Topics, Islamic Topics, Response to Theodore Zachariades

Thanksgiving as a Christian Trait, Free Will, the Decree of God, and Theodore Zachariades

Orthodoxy, Justification, James 2, Dale Tuggy, and Jordan Hall Rebukes Rodney Howard-Browne

Ephesians 4:29-32 Applied to Christian Communication, A Hack-Job Video, and Francis’ Unorthodox Views

Speaking the Truth in Love, Destroying Others, then Back to the Free Will Debate

Two Hour Radio Free Geneva Interaction with the “Free Will Debate” from Houston

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