Using technology to God’s glory

They Are Changing the NT! Plus a Lot on CN

Our New Dividing Line Search Engine and More

A Starlink Dividing Line!

A Twitter Based Dividing Line

Brandan Robertson’s Continued Apostasy, Yuvul Noah Harari’s Mengelian Worldview

Thoughts On Faithfulness in an Uncertain Future

Road Trip DL from Boise

Vaccines, Lindsay, KJV Onlyism, Roman Catholic Apologetics Arguments+

Vaccines, Lindsay, KJV Onlyism, Roman Catholic Apologetics Arguments

A Bunch of Woke Stuff, then Underappreciated Incarnational Texts

Open Phones on the Dividing Line

Last Program for a Week—Enjoy!

Caesar’s Gold, Augustine Actual Again

Dr. Jason Lisle of the Biblical Science Institute First Hour, Then Pope Frankie the Marxist Earth Day Hippy

Two Refutations: Eric Mason (First Hour), Jeffrey Riddle (Last Half Hour)

Christian Renewal Focused on True Knowledge of Christ vs. Neo-Marxism (First Hour) then…Coherence Based Genealogical Method Introduction!

Jason Lisle on Apologetics and Science, Honesty in Textual Criticism, More Reformation History

The Didache, P45, Washingtonianus, and More!

I Really TRIED to Talk About Other Stuff, But…Eventually…

Tremendous Blessings for Bible Students Today

Is Hebrews 11:35-37 a Proof for the Inclusion of the Apocrypha to the Canon?

Hey, Live Blogging!

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