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Another 25th Anniversary E-Mail from Overseas

Three years ago I was a happy-go-lucky agnostic, caring for her family, loving her job, never giving one thought to the matters of existential significance. Well – I was reading thick philosophy books and loving psychology – being a teacher in the most secularized country on Earth, Sweden, kind of compells you to do it – but basically God had no place in my life.
Then something happened. A long process of looking for answers in a completely different sphere led me to Christ, and in June 2006 I confessed Him my Lord and Savior, to the dismay of my entire family and horror of my husband, who had abandoned the faith many years before.
I was 45, and very hungry for Word. I discovered some good web sites teaching sound Reformed theology, and one of them featured “Cornerstone” – a song by Steve Camp. The word ‘Calvinism’ did ring a bell to me, but in a very negative sense, bringing some distant memories from the time of my university studies of English history and literature, where the ideology (that is what they called it) was connected to WASP’s and material prosperity as a sign of being chosen by God.
I listened to the songs, read Campi’s blog and web site, followed the links from it, and experienced the shock of finding out that all of that was within the frames of Calvinism. Only this time I saw nothing wrong with it. It was sound teaching of the Bible…
One of those links led to And to the blog. And – to the podcast. I started listening to the podcast early last spring, and never stopped since then. Of course, it took a lot of patience to listen to the lectures on Textual Criticism fairly early on, but I survived that pretty well 🙂
Thank you, Dr. White, for your relentless stand on the Truth of God’s Word, for your courage in using the Sword of God to fight the heresies, for your zeal in pointing Muslims to the true God of the Scriptures. Thank you for equipping me with sound and first class apologetical arguments for my talks with atheists and people from other religions.
—AB, Sweden

More 25th Anniversary E-mails

Greetings Dr. White and fellow AOMIN laborers.
I have a wonderful testimony to share about how the Lord used your ministry to open my partially blinded eyes. It would take multiple pages to relate. So, I’ll heavily abridge it and try to just hit the major points. For some years I was deeply involved in KJV Onlyism. I was an Independent Baptist fundamentalist who immersed myself in KJVO material, thought Reformed theology was satanically influenced, believed women shouldn’t wear pants, and went as far as to refuse celebrating Easter and Christmas because I thought they were pagan holidays, etc. I knew of your name, as it was mentioned disparagingly by a few of my favorite KJVO authors. They had me thinking you were nothing more than a horribly arrogant KJV hater. One day, about six years ago, I decided to visit your website to see what you were all about. I read your correspondence with Tex Marrs and was immediately impressed with your calm, cool, and logical explanations in contrast to his irrational ranting. Then I read your exchanges with (my former hero) Peter Ruckman and was equally very impressed. I started really questioning, for the first time, if I was in fact in the truth with my beliefs. Realize that what I just related and what I’m going to elaborate further about was taking place over a period of weeks. I purchased The King James Only Controversy and read it. I was blown away. By the time I finished the book, I was determined to jettison my KJVO position.
Meanwhile, I was drawn to your website more and more. I thought, “If he was right about the KJV issue, then let me see what he has to say in defense of Reformed theology.” On your website, for the first time, I actually read what the “other side” had to say in defense of Calvinism instead of negative criticism about it. Over a period of a few more weeks, I found myself saying, “Wow. This material makes total sense. I think I’m becoming Reformed!” It wasn’t long after that until I was on board. I left my KJV Independent Baptist church and began attending an Orthodox Presbyterian Church. Talk about a gigantic shift in my Christian walk all within the period of a couple of months! I couldn’t ever grasp the Covenantal theological position, though. Well, I am now completely Reformed Baptist in my beliefs and I also love reading my NASB and ESV bibles! I’ve since moved and currently attend a great Southern Baptist church where the pastor and all the elders are Reformed. I’m now six years into my journey and have learned so much from you and men like Piper, Sproul, the Puritans, Spurgeon, etc. I read your blog almost daily and download the Dividing Line every week. I also have several of your books, many of your debates on MP3, and pray for you when you do your debates. I can’t wait to listen to the Ehrman debate when it becomes available.

First of all, congratulations on your ministry being around this long. I think a recent quote from your own lips sums up the miracle of your ministry. The paraphrase was that if you want a small ministry, just be Reformed, speak against Catholicism and Islam. How true is that!
It’s quotes like that that have encouraged me these last couple years in my walk in Christ. I grew up in the Catholic church, but have left that community. It’s really a blessing to know if I run into a problem understanding issues with Rome and the reformers, your ministry has great resources to help. May God bless and keep you guys going until the rapture if need be. 🙂

It’s hard to try and be brief when it comes to sharing what I’ve gotten from Aomin…it would be better to say that I don’t know how I could have possibly have grown as much as I have WITHOUT their ministry!
From the moment God saved me (Oct 15 2005) I’ve had a love for His word above all else…and Aomin is a resource that I realized is an abberation in apologetics cyberspace. There are only a handful of sites that consistently provide trustworthy, accurate information, and Aomin is at the top of that very short list.
BUT…If I had to single out one thing that Dr. White and crew have done for me it would be this: they have taught me to look critically at my own beliefs, see where my faulty reasoning is, and not be afraid of changing my beliefs based on God’s word because it’s truth.

It’s Still Our 25th Anniversary!

   The London trip interrupted my posting of the testimonies that have been sent in in celebration of our 25th anniversary. I have had a bunch of folks tell me that they wanted to write in, “but never got around to it.” Well, you still have a chance! is still operational, but the spam bots are finding it, so don’t hold off forever! Send us your stories!

Your ministry led me to discovering Reformed theology and deepened of my faith and understanding of the Word more than I’d ever experienced.

The Dividing Line broadcast, your debates, articles and the blog have meant so much to my family and I over the past few years.

Thank you a thousand times for what you do – I pray for God to provide you with strength and blessings to continue for years to come.


I have been listening and learning for about four years now, and I have learned much about how to answer the claims of so many false religions either when they show up on my doorstep, I show up on theirs, or when I go to my in-laws. You have also been instrumental in my spiritual growth as I was saved not long after I had been listening to the DL and reading the blog. I have become solidly grounded in my reformed (Baptist, that is) faith, and I have developed a real appreciation for the giants of the faith that the Lord has raised up before us throughout the history of the church. I could go on, and I’m not just saying that. But the most recently exciting news, though, is that my wife came to Christ from Roman Catholicism a few weeks ago; and the Lord used many of the things that I’ve learned from you and shared with her (probably more than I realize) to bring her in.

Dr. White, I pray that the Lord gives you strength for years to continue doing what you’re doing enough that you could debate a Muslim, a Mormon, and a Roman Catholic all in the same day after having hip surgery when you’re eighty! Thank you all. Alpha and Omega Ministries is truly a gift to the church.—MG

In the spring of 1998 I was given a little book on John 6, written by a man I’d never heard of before. Having just come out of a heavily charismatic/free will background with more questions about doctrine than I had answers for, the timing was perfectly orchestrated that this book would make it’s way into my hands. I’d never read anything like what I was about to read in this little book called Drawn by the Father. Suddenly, I understood, and understood in a way that wasn’t written in language that was hard to read, but simple and yet thorough. Finally, questions were answered and I had a brand new desire to study the Scriptures to learn even more.

That was my introduction to the work and the ministry of Dr. James White. Alpha and Omega Ministries has continued to bless me in tremendous ways over the years. The twice weekly webcasts, the books, the blog, the chat channel and just in the last year, the video channel. My husband and I have had the pleasure of meeting Dr. White at two different conferences, and were blessed as well by the fellowship with him, and the tireless dedication he has for encouraging the saints to know the word and defend it. I have and do recommend this ministry and it’s resources, to anyone.

Happy 25th Anniversary Alpha and Omega Ministries, and may the Lord be pleased to continue to bless this much needed ministry, for many more years to come. —CR

Thanks from Brazil

On behalf of E610 Ministries International, our deepest thanks and praise for the work God has led you to continue for twenty-five years now. Even more today I personally am benefiting from the web site as the Lord has recently asked me to serve Him by moving to Brazil where I am doing long term mission work while also working to complete my M.Div at CES. Not only are the dividing lines encouraging and edifying, they also connect me to apologetics happening real time at home in the good ole US of A.

Prior to moving in to full time Missions, E610 relied on your video tapes and CD series extensively for training with our street evangelists who remain at work back in the USA today for His glory. We have links to your site at our believers area at E610 and continue to support the work you are doing in prayer and petition to our risen King, that He might continue, protect, and bless the work you continue this and each day.

Thank you – to you and Rich, to your family, who make sacrifices in order for you to take time to devote to your work with AOMIN and please know how important each installment is that you make. Keep the tape rolling and know you are all loved and appreciated deeply across the world. I never imaged years ago when I began following AOMIN I would be listening from the mission field. Praise God for His provision to us all.

Testimonials During Thanksgiving Week

I want to praise God for what he has done through you guys. My introduction to your ministry came through The King James Only Controversy. Then as I was learning about the doctrines of grace you were again very helpful in both my understanding and defense of those truths. From Mormonism to Jehovah’s Witness to now Islam, your ministry has been a huge blessing in my life.

I was a KJV-Only proponent for seven years. I taught Bible studies on the superiority of the KJV and embraced the circular arguing and double-standards upon which this divisive teaching depends. I read James’ King James Only Controversy at least three times and the Lord used it to open my eyes and mind. I am deeply grateful for his work and the skillful and well-researched writing he presents.

Don’t ever let anyone dissuade you from your work due to the false argument, “no one ever changes their minds on deeply held traditions.” That isn’t true. You have changed mine and my whole family is grateful.

Brothers James & Rich…

I can’t begin to even tell you what kind of blessing AOMIN has been in my Christian walk over the last 9 years. I was a new believer when I found Your books, tapes, and videos really helped me through the “cage-stage” years! I thank God for raising up men like you. I admire your love for the local church and the emphasis you always put on it.

May the Lord Bless and keep you and AOMIN going strong for another 25 years (if not more!).
I love you guys in the Lord and thank you (and your families) from all my heart for your hard work and sacrifice.