Issues Relating to the Text of the Bible

2 John 11 Abused by Imbalanced Calvinists, the Death of LDS President Monson, Further Response to Ijaz Ahmad

Matthew 28:19 with Vocab Malone in Response to Ron Shields

Remembering RC, Then, Refuting More Textual Traditionalism

Unanticipated Discussion of CBGM and P45, Then Beginning of a Review of Ijaz Ahmad’s Video on OT/NT “Corruption”

Almost Mega Length DL with Five Major Topics

Beyond Mega Length Edition of the DL: Textual Critical Topics, Islamic Topics, Response to Theodore Zachariades

Ephesians 4:29-32 Applied to Christian Communication, A Hack-Job Video, and Francis’ Unorthodox Views

Jason Lisle on Apologetics and Science, Honesty in Textual Criticism, More Reformation History

Archbishop of Canterbury Can’t Answer Direct Questions, More on the I Am Sayings of Jesus

Report on Trip to Birmingham, South Africa, and London, Along with More

Cultures That Abandon God’s Light Lose that Light, Then Hebrews 1:3 Textual Critical Discussion

Colossians 3 in P46, Hagmann’s Take on the Dialogue, Beginning of Review/Response to Abu Zakariya

John 11, Surah 3, and Consistency

A Textual Critical Geeky Dividing Line

Does God Forgive the Unrepentant? – The Dubious Textual Variant, ‘Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing’

The Benedict Option, Tim Keller, South Africa and London, and an Important Announcement

New Years Thoughts, God’s Decree, the Pope and Mary, ET Stalkers

The Nature of Saving Grace, a Few Textual Variants, End of 2016

Limited Atonement with David Allen, Ecclesiastical Textism with Robert Truelove

Skype Show from Tucson: A Bit on Race, A Bit on Thanksgiving, Then A Lot on ETism

Post-Election Thoughts and an Ecclesiastical Text Video

Muslim Apologists Keep Rediscovering Apostate Liberalism+

Muslim Apologists Keep Rediscovering Apostate Liberalism

What Do Jory Micah and Ijaz Ahmad Have in Common? A Textual-Critical Heavy Dividing Line

Get Ready: Two and a Half Hour Long Dividing Line

Dialogue with Elder Rawchaa Shayar on Hebrew Israelism

KJVO Discussion, the Pope Escapes His Handlers Again, Debate Tomorrow, the Trinitarian Controversy

Consistency and Fairness Once Again; Then More on the Comma and Textual Criticism

An Arminian Loses Psalm 33:10-11, SES and Rome, the Comma Johanneum Once Again

William Lane Craig, the Lowered Bar, Molinism, and Erasmus

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