The Work After Dobbs, Lots of Church History, Nicea, and More.

The Redskins and Totalitarianism, and Just What IS the Great Tradition?

Calvin and Sadoleto, Reformed Biblicism

Quick Commentary on YouTube Banishment, Once Again on Scriptural Sufficiency

On Emotionalism, the Accusation of Socinianism, Further Clarifications on Exegesis and Sola Scriptura

Let God Speak: Hermeneutics

WHO Treaty then Church History Is a Bit Messy

Let’s Talk About the Papacy with Cameron Bertuzzi

The Decline of Mormonism, John 17:5 and a Lot of Replies to Critics

Road Trip DL from Salt Lake City: A Little Riddle, a Little Muller

Philippians 2, the Carmen Christi, and Accusations of Kenotic Heresy

John 5, 17, and Starting with Scripture as Our Only Reliable Foundation

Stockholm Syndrome and Masks, and Bridled Access to the Scriptures?

Did the Father Forsake the Son, World View and Aristotle

Sola Scriptura: Do You Really Believe?

Short Follow Up on Aquinas, TR Onlyism in the OPC

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