In a letter of clarification requested by a traveling minister, the Internal Revenue Service has declared people gathered in tax-exempt churches can’t pray for President Bush to win the election on Tuesday.

 Full article. Canada and homosexuality, hate-crimes legislation, the left dropping the mask and expressing their utter contempt for God, the Bible, and Christianity as a whole. God’s hand of restraint has given us great privileges in the US for many years longer than this nation deserved His blessing. No nation can promote homosexuality in all its expressions, redefine the first institution God Himself established (marriage), destroy its young with heartless hatred of life, seek to “harvest” the unborn for the pipe dream of miracle cures, profane God’s gift of sexuality, all the while openly mocking God’s law and God’s people, and think it will long avoid God’s wrath (yes, I used the term—better get used to it, for we are seeing its manifestations more and more all around us, Romans 1:18).

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