I just took a look at the roster of speakers/presenters at the big apologetics conference in Charlotte next month. A few leave me scratching my head a bit (Kay Arthur?), but I was particularly troubled to see that they are going to have a debate with Christopher Hitchens. Nothing wrong with that, I’d jump at the opportunity myself—but who are they having debate him but Roman Catholic Dinesh D’Souza!?! For a review of D’Souza’s apologetic methodology and its unbiblical nature, see this edition of The Dividing Line. Also speaking…Roman Catholic Peter Kreeft.

No, I wasn’t invited, mainly because anyone in charge would know I would only come to debate half the people they are inviting as their presenters! But one can hardly be surprised to see William Lane Craig speaking at a conference replete with Roman Catholic speakers: the dividing line between Biblical, Reformed apologetics and the “Mere Christianity” apologetic of so much of today’s evangelical church fits perfectly with his “modified Trent” version of the gospel.

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