My friend Michael Brown is willing to try to speak the truth in contexts that most of us wouldn’t even attempt. Here’s today’s example….

Well, I was going to embed the video, but they designed it so that the snapshot is simply inappropriate for posting. Gotta love when they upload a snapshot of the video that they know will keep people from embedding it! Here’s the direct link to the video.

Ironically, I will be reviewing a few sections of our debate from last Thursday tomorrow on the Dividing Line. I was really disappointed, not in our debate, but in the fact that though we wanted to work together and provide the “we can debate, and then work together” paradigm, all we ended up having was just our debate—we didn’t even get to see each other at any other point the whole weekend in Charlotte. Well, let’s hope for a future re-scheduling of what we had planned, and personally, what I would like to see, would be either finding another Muslim to join with Shadid Lewis so that Michael and I can debate together, or, see if we can arrange a debate on the homosexuality or marriage issue again where Michael and I could work together. That would be ideal.

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