Dr. Tommy Wasserman just posted this on the Evangelical Textual Criticism blog:

I am almost too depressed to blog this, but today came an evaluation from the national board of higher education in Sweden (Högskoleverket) who practically announced a frontal assault on theological education in our country. Many institutions (including the three free standing seminaries, and even some of the large faculties like Lund university) were severely criticized for being too focused on Christianity, etc, etc. The board threatens to recommend the government to withdraw the rights to grant degrees, if the institutions do not change a lot of things (our seminary will loose even the right to grant a basic degree in theology, although most of our teachers are PhD’s).

Many have found the whole evaluation process to be very biassed and characterized by prejudism. I don’t think I can go into details, but some of the questions that were put to us were remarkable, and the very tone and atmosphere when one committee visited our institution was very unpleasant.

   As the Secular West crumbles in the face of advancing Islam and under its own decaying weight, it will feel less and less inhibited in expressing its inherent detestation of the Gospel, and those who would dare live in its light. Academia is already so deeply committed to the religion of Darwinian Materialism that it does not even pretend objectivity any longer. I have been saying for a number of years now that a major paradigm shift in Christian education is coming. The major, centralized seminaries had better be working on decentralization and identification with local, sound, mature bodies of believers, because the day is coming when Caesar is going to pull the plug on the Pell Grants and other Federal monies that have allowed them to indebt students to the tune of $50 and $60,000.00 for a single graduate degree. That money will be withdrawn if those schools remain faithful to the Scriptures and biblical teaching. If they have not seen the writing on the wall they will either have to capitulate to the State Religion and provide a commensurately mutational “Christianity” that meets Molech’s approval, or close their doors and sell off their properties. The wise schools should now be decentralizing, getting “lean” and finding unique ways of utilizing modern technology to do high quality education that does not require bowing and scraping before the governmental altar. The love affair Christian scholarship has had with the world will eventually come to a sudden and bitter end, to be sure. And that is as it should be.

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