God is the source of life. The heart and soul open to His guidance and light will be a heart full of life. I think of pictures I’ve seen of those who suffer for the testimony of Christ, and the life that you see in their eyes despite their pain is a testimony to us all. And you look at the truth-starved, worldlings in Hollywood, and under all the plastic and make-up is a shallow deadness that speaks directly to the result of love for the things of the world.

But nothing sucks the life out of someone like atheism. Especially when you are living every day to promote your hatred of God. In the case of Richard Dawkins, it must be particularly galling to be the smartest man in the world (in your own estimation) and have to constantly speak down to the mindless gnomes who continue to choose to remain in the darkness of theism. I mean really, shouldn’t the Flying Spaghetti Monster illustration be enough to rid anyone of such a foolish belief?

When Paul said that those who are suppressing the knowledge of God twist the Creator/creature relationship, and as a result profess themselves to be wise, yet, in the most important realm of human knowledge, that of the Creator, are fools, he could not have hoped for a clearer fulfillment of his words than Richard Dawkins. And here is an example straight from the professor’s mouth. I found this via Mark Shea, who really detests me, but I have a feeling there won’t be much that I wrote above that he would take issue with.

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