No, this is not some particular man’s cult.

I’m referring to the 2 vol. set by James Bannerman. It has been said “Bannerman’s two-volume Church of Christ is one of the greatest classic treatments of doctrine of the church in the history of the church. He is unashamedly Reformed and distinctively Presbyterian. The church mattered to Bannerman and his work can teach us about why the church should matter to us.”

So, you should all take the time, click this link and purchase Church of Christ, by James Bannerman.

After your purchase, you can then go here and for free, download Ryan McGraw ‘s new study guide, (now until Monday). For more on this short project, click here.

I know, not everyone who reads this blog is a Presbyterian. 🙂
That doesn’t matter, your still need to get these volumes and this study guide, and learn.

McGraw, who I’ve mentioned before, is also the author of By Good and Necessary Consequence (a statement found in the Westminster Confession of Faith), and Day of Worship: Reassessing the Christian Life in Light of the Sabbath.

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