Most have heard about these comments by Brit Hume:

The secularists are, of course, howling in protest, but if you read what they are saying, one obvious underlying theme comes to the fore. No one is offering reasoned, objective criticism of the substance of Hume’s comments, because, quite simply, he is right. Buddhism does not, in fact, provide for redemption and forgiveness, but instead directs one to look inward for enlightenment and eventual freedom from suffering (via freedom from desire). But redemption? Not in this life, for in its classical expression, this would involve a long process of moving toward enlightenment through many lifetimes. In any case, secularists do not care about the objective truth contained in Hume’s words, but instead they are enraged that he would actually dare to express his thoughts in public—the realm over which they now claim absolute authority and control. Secularism is an all-encompassing worldview, especially in its naturalistic/materialistic expression predominant in the West, and it simply cannot brook even the expression of dissenting viewpoints in its holiest place: the media. So for secularists, it is not what Hume said, it was that he said anything at all. Surely, our freedom of speech should be put on the endangered species list.

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