I have not addressed the Schiavo situation over the past number of months, not because I have not been watching the situation with great interest, but because everyone else has been saying almost everything you could possibly say about it. Now that Mrs. Schiavo has been put to death in the most inhuman possible way (who can argue otherwise? We show more mercy to mass murders and rapists than to those whose brains do not function “up to par”) through the actions of a godless judiciary and an adulterous husband who is living with another woman and has already fathered children with her, there will be no end to the commentaries and discussion. So I wish to look at the foundational issue that will not be discussed at all in the MSM (mainstream media): the culture of death that has blossomed in Western culture.

First, I truly believe the speed with which Western culture has embraced a view of mankind that is utterly opposed to God’s truth is a mark of His judgment coming upon a culture that has shown its deep hatred of His law and His rulership over mankind. God’s wrath is being revealed against all the ungodliness of man who suppress the truth in unrighteousness (Rom. 1:18), and that wrath is becoming clearer and clearer in its impact to anyone who has eyes to see it (eyes that require a mind enlightened by God’s Word). Those who hate God’s law will be given a darkened mind, and that mind, devoid of God’s light, will become more and more opposed to His truth and more intent upon self-destruction. Since the reprobate mind hates God’s truth, the fact that man is created in God’s image will be one of the primary things suppressed and attacked. And the past history of Western culture is replete with evidence of the accuracy of this observation.

Next, I have titled this short entry “Charles Darwin Killed Terri Schiavo” simply to make one point: when culture as a whole embraces the idea that man is merely an animal, the random result of the chance toss of the cosmic die, a purposeless biological accident without any meaningful superiority to an ape, a dog, or a microbe, no firm basis can be provided for a culture of compassion and life. The natural realm is a savage place, and there is no reason, within an evolutionary framework, to seek such things as compassion, tenderness, or mercy. We are seeing, especially in European culture, but more and more in the United States as well, the long-term impact of a belief in not the theory of evolution, but the religion of evolution. The impact of religious naturalistic materialism is tremendously clear as we see the judiciary abandoning the rule of law (especially as law reflects God’s creatorship and sovereignty) and issuing edicts that treat man as a mere animal, or worse (in the case of Terri Schiavo). Given that the evolutionary worldview cannot provide any basis for morality, the moral fiber of the culture is collapsing into a mass of internal self-contradiction due to the fact that forces of evil cannot immediately wipe out all monuments of our past recognition of God’s law. God’s grace continues to produce people who will not shut their mouths about the fact that we are created in God’s image, and the result is seen all around us.

Terri Schiavo is gone, but the forces that killed her are not only still with us, but they are now setting their sights upon doing more and more to continue to suppress the truth of God in culture.

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