This past summer (August) Greenville Seminary hosted a conference on the topic of creation. The two speakers were Drs. Jonathan Sarfati and Joseph Pipa. GPTS recently received the video of the conference and I was given permission to post Dr. Pipa’s first lecture titled “What Genesis 1 Teaches About Creation” During this lecture Dr. Pipa presents a exegetical case for a young earth.

To watch the lecture click here or here.

Dr. Pipa is the president of GPTS and the author of this recent commentary on Galatians, as well as this book on the Sabbath.

By the way, our next theology conference A Commemoration of Princeton 1812-2012, March 13-15 will include speakers such as Drs. Paul K. Helseth, Fred Zaspel, C.N. Willborn, and Tony Curto. On the creation issues, Fred Zaspel will address the topic “Princeton and Evolution/Creation.” The schedule is located online here.

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