Greetings from the Mile High City. About to grab a ride with some brothers here in the area, and as I’m preparing I have had the Today Show on. Two items from the media, and one other story that has been sent to me a number of times that illustrates how twisted Western Culture is becoming in its hatred of godliness.

First, Today had a report on the “runaway mom,” Tiffany Tehan (I’m sorry, but “mom” is a title she no longer deserves). Tehan abandoned her husband and baby daughter, faked her own abduction, and allowed volunteers to invest thousands of hours searching for her while she ran off with her new lover in an adulterous relationship. But if you listen to the language, no one can even utter words like evil, sin, or shame, let alone “adultery” or the like.

Next, they interviewed Michael Douglas on his son’s conviction for drug dealing. The ever present “he has a disease” excuse was everywhere. The man was a drug dealer. He made money from destroying the lives of others. No shame, no guilt, no sin. Excuses, excuses, excuses.

Finally, everyone needs to read this article. When you give to the government the power to regulate, well, everything, this is what eventually happens. As British Society becomes ever more deeply infected with the mutating virus of humanistic naturalism and its inevitable secularism, the mere public expression of godly convictions must be punished. There is only one solution: repentance, and only one source: God’s Spirit.

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