I found a book on Archive.org that I’m sure our readers would like to check out as well. The file (book) I’m referring to his titled Is Jesus God: An Argument by Graduates of Princeton Seminary, originally published in 1912, with an introductory note by B. B. Warfield.

Table of Contents as follows:

“Does the Christian church teach the deity of Christ?” By R.B. Kuiper.
“Has the Christian church always taught the deity of Christ?” By D.S.B. Joubert.
“Do the New Testament writers teach the deity of Christ?” By H.H. Meeter.
“Do the Evangelists represent Christ as himself teaching his deity?” First essay by J.D. Roos; Second essay by F.M. Richardson.
“Did Jesus teach his own deity?” First essay by W.A. Motter; second essay by W. Nicol.
“Is Christ God?” First essay by G. Hoeksema; second essay by L.M. Bicknell.

Read the entire book by clicking here

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