I wanted to briefly mentioned that if you missed the GPTS Spring Theology Conference, you missed a good conference. By the way, as some of you know, going to conferences is not only about listening to the speaker(s), but also includes (at least at the GPTS conferences) good fellowship, singing together and of course, good food.

The two evening sessions that were broadcast live, are now online. Keep in mind that we try to have a balance between academic lectures and preaching. The two evening sessions below are geared more toward preaching

Temptation and the Fall, by Joel Beeke

Original Sin and Depravity, by Joseph Pipa.

Cal Beisner also came by the seminary and spoke at our chapel on the topic of Godly Dominion. You can listen to that lecture by clicking here.

The sessions I enjoyed the most (and need to listen to again) were “Supernatural Creation of Man”, “Death Before the Fall”, and Questioning the Philosophy of Science Used to Question the Bible’s Doctrine of Man.”

We usually wait three months before releasing the full audio of the conference, and as soon as we do, I’ll let you know.

There is nothing professional about this recording, but I was able to capture the conference attendees singing Psalm 98. Again, the singing of psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, to the glory of God and to one another, is a highlight of our conference.

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