We knew it was coming. They called us “reactionaries” when we warned about it, but sure as clockwork, we were right. Homosexuals do not want equal rights. They do not simply want to silence those who believe their chosen behavior is evil and will bring God’s judgment upon them. No, that’s not enough. Now you cannot even think such thoughts! If you dare confess to holding beliefs counter to the “cultural norms,” you will be punished, ostracized, and, we all know, eventually punished directly. Oh, surely, the proponents of these laws, these judges who hand them down, play lip service to “freedom,” but you need to understand: freedom is a one way street in the secular West. You are free to abandon morality, ethics, virtue, and truth, but you are not free to move the other direction. The hero is the apostate, the hate monger is the faithful believer. This is the new world of the secular West.

I am referring to this article in The Telegraph. Assuming its accuracy, it is yet another example of how there is nothing benign nor neutral about secularism. It hates God’s law with a passion, and given time, will abandon any and all pretense to fairness. When it comes to our being the creation of God, under His sovereign law, there is no neutrality. So now, according to these judges, while it still might be acceptable to be a heterosexual couple (it will be hard for them to get rid of that: homosexuality only manifests itself in about 3% of the population), you can no longer be considered a fit foster parent if you think differently about homosexuality than the government-mandated “correct way of thinking.” Tell me, how long until you are not considered a fit parent at all if you dare hold such radically horrific views as “marriage is the life-long union of a man and a woman, ordained by God”? We already know the radical atheists would love to preclude parents from instructing their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord—when will they attempt to enforce this by law?

You know what a good, and actually accurate, term would be for this attitude amongst secularists? Sure, we have already heard about Christophobia, the irrational fear and hatred of Christians and Christianity. But what is the source of this? In instances like this, is is theonomophobia, a fear of (due to guilt) and therefore hatred of, God’s law (theos, God, nomos, law, hence the much debated term, “theonomy,” is actually a perfectly valid concept that is present throughout the text of Scripture). Why is the secular West so intent upon self-destruction that it on the one hand persecutes those who remind it of its own past, while at the same time planting the seeds of its own destruction through political correctness and cultural suicide? I can see no other answer than the judgment of God. Justice is the foundation of God’s throne (Psa. 89:14, 97:2), and a nation is dishonored by sin (Prov 14:34). So too God tells us that the “wicked strut about when that which is vile is honored amongst men (Psa. 12:8). Homosexuality is a vile passion, classed along with numerous other acts of rebellion against God’s law, and it is a direct and unquestionable attack upon the Bible and the Christian faith to demand we reject this plain teaching and adopt the mindset of secularism.

We hope and pray God will mercifully overturn this obvious anti-Christian bigotry and injustice. But if He does not, we must not be silent. We must shine the light of truth upon the darkness of secularism and call all men and women, created in the image of God, to see it for what it is.

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