I only got to see from about 20 minutes after the hour, but Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason graciously, fairly, kindly, steamrolled Deepak Chopra on Faith Under Fire last night. I mean, it wasn’t even fair. Wasn’t even close. TKO first round, except the fight kept going. I have no idea how Greg managed to wrangle the whole hour—the biggest draw-back to Faith Under Fire has been that you have to address big issues in picoseconds, and sometimes you just can’t do that very well. So, to get the whole hour with a single “opponent” was quite the coup, and resulted in a much better encounter with a much clearer result.
I’ve heard from Faith Under Fire three times on three different topics. First program crashed and burned when my opponent backed out. Nothing came of the second two. Haven’t heard anything in months now. I don’t expect to, honestly (if you go over the guest list you’ll see a few names that would explain my non-expectation), but as long as they get folks like Greg on there, they’ll be doing well.

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