The fact that homosexual activists are seeking to make themselves a super-minority with super-rights far beyond anything that could be dreamed of by us average citizens has been illustrated yet once again. Not only are these folks behind the outrageous denial of justice that parades under the title “hate crimes legislation” (those laws that allow judges and juries to look into the heart, determine motivations and thoughts, and punish you more for committing a crime against a homosexual than against, say, an Italian, or grandma Peterson across the street: it’s a way of saying ‘These folks are more important than others–so if you offend them, you pay dearly’), but they flaunt the law knowing that the police are to afraid of them. Here is an article replete with pictures. Now just imagine what would have happened if that had been a liberal church hosting a pro-homosexual conference, or, worse yet, an abortion clinic! Goodness gracious, we can’t have that! Order must be maintained! Arrest those trouble-makers! The incredible hypocrisy of post-Christian America only grows more obvious day by day.

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