Every day it is thrown in your face. A small minority group–extremely small, maybe 3% of the popoulation en toto, demanding that you not only allow for their sexual perversion, but, more so, that you abandon any way of thinking— religious, moral, social—that would say that their perversion is anything but good and moral. Out of the half dozen examples of this in the news and e-mail this morning, I present my experience last night in going home and flipping on the TV while setting up my bike for a run on my trainer this morning. It happened to come on to the local NBC affiliate, and the very popular, long-running show “ER” was on. I’ve seen a number of episodes (I was a biology major in college, so I find it interesting), and know that one of the main characters is a lesbian. Over the years I have seen them openly promoting the justice of her “cause,” but last night they went so far overboard, were so blatant in their bigotry against Christianity and in favor of homosexuality, that you would think they would have to pay for the time as a special interest group! The plot was that this doctor had been adopted, and that she finds her birth mother, who happens to be a conservative Christian (sings in a choir that is performing at a Baptist Church). She quotes the Bible frequently. Of course, by the end of the episode, the doctor informs her that she is a lesbian. Toward the very end the doctor confronts her mother. At one point (and I was not writing this down, of course, so I am approximating the quotes) the doctor says, “Don’t you see that your problem is that your faith is not wide enough to accept me” or something along those lines, directly insisting that her mother must change the substance of her faith. Since the terminology was normally “your faith, my faith” (rather than the faith, i.e., God’s truth revealed in Scripture), then changing the “faith” is just a matter of choosing to do so.

Then, in the most amazing proclamation of the “in your face” demand for super-rights that marks the anti-Christian character of the homosexual movement, the mother says, “I will always love you.” And the homosexual character replies, “If I don’t have your acceptance, I don’t want your love.” There you go! “You must change your faith. I reject Christianity, I reject the Bible, and if I know that anywhere in your thinking you still believe that what I do is sinful, then I want nothing to do with you!” And she was portrayed as the victim, the open-minded, loving hero, as the program ended with her walking away from her mother’s hotel room, sad, but unbowed in her homosexuality! It was truly an amazing display of the fact that homosexuality is not interested in equal rights. The movement wants uber-rights, supremacy, the suppression of anyone who would openly identify their behavior as a perversion of God’s created norms. And Hollywood is their willing ally in their cause.

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