I mentioned in a previous post that I’ve been on a quest to find homeschooling resources that fit my specific wants and needs. I have in my possession, and I know of other materials that come close to what I’m looking for; but so are, I’ve been a bit disappointed. There maybe a number of reasons for this: 1) I’ve been looking in the wrong places. 2) The material is simply not available (yet). 3) What I’m looking for can not be done. So, let me briefly state my ideas, and perhaps someone can point me in the right direction (you can post responses on FB).

Two things I’m looking for:

1) I would like to see something that integrates all subjects. So, as you study science (as a separate subject), the curriculum is designed in such a way that it incorporates what one is learning in Math, Literature, Bible etc. I do understand that is next to impossible incorporate every subject in each lesson.

2) More importantly, I would like to see material (for example, science), that would begin with some basic definitions in the first lesson. The first lesson would also be an overview of the subject, and a description of its important (perhaps theological or apologetic reasons), and how this subject relates to the Christian life (with the goal of doing all things for God’s glory). The material in this lesson must be mastered, so it would be presented in a way to help parents ingrain the material in the minds of their children. So, one might spend a few days, perhaps even the week, on this one lesson. The most important thing at this point, would be memorizing key items, such as definitions.

The second lesson would build on the first lesson. This would include a review of the terms and definitions learned in the first lesson, an introduction to more terms, and, obviously some content. Again, it maybe designed so that you spend a week, mastering this material. This structure, would continue through the entire book. After a few chapters, one might not need to continue reviewing terms from the first lesson, but at some point, the child would be tested on the old material (perhaps after ever three chapters).

It is no secret that mothers normally homeschool children (simply do a search on home school bloggers). The idea behind the above is for the father also, to easily come home, pick up some cards, and help out. This would require, that the material to be memorized, be easily transferable to note cards.

I believe it is imperative that our children learn in a systematic fashion. If they study in such a way, the material will stick. The Classical Conversations curriculum comes as close to what I’m looking for, and would, with a few tweeks, be what I’m looking for.

More could be said, but that is enough for now. Any thoughts?

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