If you listened carefully to the reviews I offered of Bishop Spong’s talks months ago, or have listened to the debate, or have listened to the debates from last year relating to the Jesus Seminar, you have, hopefully, discovered that when it comes to interaction with the scholarship of “the other side,” only our side bothers to take the time to engage in such an archaic activity. The other simply defines itself as the “scholarly position” and, to greater or lesser degrees, acts utterly amazed that someone who can, obviously, at least string sentences together without drooling on himself, be so utterly impudent and gauche to dare to disagree with the clear, dogmatic conclusions of the high priests of academia! But when I have challenged these faithful followers of the modern religion of man’s vaunted intelligence and humanism, instead of a sound, consistent, careful rebuttal, I receive the kind of wide-eyed emotionalism that we have come to associate with Richard Dawkins, for example—and with backwoods “fundamentalists” who have little knowledge of the world outside their very narrow confines.
   The high priests of humanism are firmly ensconced in the leadership of the government of the UK to be sure, as this article demonstrates. No refutation, no interaction, just “Nope, can’t do that. We say so. We are the guardians of all knowledge. Believe us, follow us, bow down before us!” And given the recent gathering of atheists here in the US, many hope to establish the same kind of “don’t you dare question us” atheocracy here as well.

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