I will be debating Dr. Robert M. Price, a Jesus Seminar scholar and prolific author (see here for some of his books), at the CRI National Conference May 7th in Innisbrook, Florida. Hank Hanegraaff will moderate the debate. Those who have listened to my debate with John Dominic Crossan know how important this topic is. Dr. Price has expended great effort in elucidating every possible theory that would militate against Christian orthodoxy. He has done many debates as well, so we should expect a spirited exchange. There is a deep stream of “deconstruction” in Dr. Price’s theories, so we should be able to see again how very important presuppositions are to the modern attacks upon Christian orthodoxy.

I have put some items on the Ministry Resource list that would be very useful in preparation for this debate (as well as the London trip that, Lord willing, will begin next week). As always, your partnership in these ministry opportunities is greatly appreciated.

Make plans to join us in Florida at the CRI National Conference (I will be addressing textual and inspirational issues in my presentations apart from the debate) in May.

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