Not that anyone is overly surprised. The decades of corruption of the judiciary (a fact openly acknowledged, at least by their actions, by one major political party) has led inevitably to the actions of the Massachusetts Supreme Court today. To quote Reuters:


In a 4-3 ruling that could make Massachusetts the first state to legalize gay marriage, the Supreme Judicial Court said the state may not deny the rights conferred by civil marriage to two individuals of the same sex who wish to marry.


Consider the contrast: Roy Moore is fired, the Ten Commandments are hidden in a closet, and Massachusetts grants the sacred status of marriage to homosexuals. Then again, is it really a contrast? Isn’t Massachusetts just acting in harmony with those who could not bear to be reminded of God’s law in Alabama? The same mindset that allows entire judicial panels to ignore the role of God in US history in Alabama leads them to redefine the entire structure of the society, and the nature of marriage in the process, in Massachusetts.

It truly makes one think through one’s views on such issues as God’s law and the basis of final judgment. I was watching one political leader over the weekend lying through his teeth, hiding the fact that he and his cohorts have decided that no man or woman who would ever, ever consider the facts about the murder of unborn children will ever sit upon a judicial bench again, and I thought to myself, “If such a man will not be judged for his actions in maintaining the Holocaust of the Unborn in this nation and around the world, then there is no justice at all.”

How do we pray for nations like Australia, England, Canada, and now the United States—all of whom have heard God’s truth with great clarity, and yet are intent, in the actions of their governments (and especially now in the actions of the New Priesthood of Rebellion, aka, the judiciary), upon throwing off all forms of restraint (while suppressing the proclamation of the gospel)? History says God normally deals with such nations with judgment that either brings repentance through difficulty and disaster, or through destruction itself. We cannot see the future, but we know this: we are to remain faithful no matter what the situation, no matter what the cost.

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