Last year I posted a blog article on the faux-marriage of Jennifer Kozumpli and Nicole Webber. These lesbians were pictured (one dressed as a man) holding an 18-month old girl, Sophie, which the caption identified as “their…daughter.” I commented on how abusive it is to subject a child to such conditions, and how this again shows us how far our culture has descended into utter reprobation in its views.

You may recall that a while later I received a note demanding we take down the picture. I blogged the following at that time, and I note that the links are still active and accurate:

Back on June 30th I posted a short note regarding the abuse inherent in depriving a little child of a father and a mother that comes from “same sex unions.” I made reference to a picture, posted on the Internet, in a major news source (MSNBC) as a glowing example of just how self-centered “same sex unions” have to be by nature. Here is the article I posted.

I was contacted by “jennifer kozumplik/nicole webber” (name provided on the contact page) and told to remove the image, found in the above linked article. I have done so pending my getting legal advice on the matter. You will find the image on the following websites, and something tells me “jennifer kozumplik/nicole webber” haven’t contacted USA Today, MSNBC, etc., demanding that the picture be removed. As I have said many times, and as more and more people are discovering, homosexuals do not ask for equal rights: they want super-rights, including the ability to shut down all expression of belief that reminds them of the moral evil by which they have chosen to identify themselves. This is a glaring example. Note the use of this picture by such national online sources as MSNBC and USA Today. Google will provide you with lots of examples, such as this one.

The two individuals have likewise posted similar pictures on Facebook; even those without a Facebook account (such as yours truly) can see them.

Even Flickr has them as well.

I wonder if they wrote to The Ledger as well? That one even provides the very same image they have demanded I remove in a zoomable form.

Clearly, these two individuals are not camera shy, and they surely did not grant “rights” to all of these sources to post their pictures. No, the reason for this is clear: homosexuals use the cover of “tolerance” as a demand for “silence” on the part of those of us who still identify moral evil as moral evil. These individuals are glorying in their rebellion against God’s moral law, and they are damaging not only themselves in their rebellion, but others too young to even understand what is being done to them. But they are intent upon making sure that no one reminds them of these facts that they know all too well.

I have been asking those “in the know,” and since the picture is an AP picture, all one needs is an account with AP to post it. These individuals do not have the right to selectively determine which sites post the pictures and which do not—they lost that right when they allowed the pictures to be taken in the first place. But their demands cannot change the reality of their actions, and the actions of all of those rushing off to California so that they can pretend that marriage is a term humans get to define (instead of an institution God Himself ordained) before common sense returns to that state (Lord willing) in November. My original post only used their picture as an illustration of a general moral evil that is being promoted in our day. They are not alone in putting their own sexual desires before the good even of themselves, let alone of a little child. It is the very essence of homosexuality, and the very essence of man-centered Western culture.

So today I was informed that a laywer from AP had sent us a cease and desist order. So I’ve once again removed the picture, though, you can see it, repeatedly, if you so desire, even with zoom capabilities, at all the links posted above. For, as we all know, the only reason the AP came after us is that a complaint was filed with them.

Compare this zealous activity with that of YouTube/Google. I noted last week that someone had posted a disgusting, vile, clearly illegal and slanderous video in which they used my own video, but cobbled together words and phrases from other videos, so as to accuse me of gross immorality. I informed YouTube/Google of the video. Last I checked, it is still posted. When I complained, I was told it wasn’t a copyright issue! So I asked to be directed toward the forms I needed to fill out on other grounds, and I did not even get a reply to the request.

Once again we see the elevation of a sexually-defined minority to the position of a protected group of elites based upon the society’s fear of “offense” of these elites, while, concurrently, there is an ever lessening concern for a much larger minority group’s rights, all due to the “political correctness” of the day. Somehow, long, long ago, these words were written:

“If the world hates you, know that it has hated me before it hated you…” (John 15:18)

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