New York tempts the wrath of God

We live in a time of bold defiance against the King of Kings. Haughty men who set themselves as lawmakers, pretending to understand justice and equity, have declared boldly that the Law of God is unwise and unjust.

Nahum 1:3 The LORD is slow to anger and great in power, and the LORD will by no means clear the guilty.

The Assyrians were an exceedingly cruel and violent society that craved its own sinfulness and were inventive in their cruelty. Their bloodthirstiness was legendary.

At the height of their power, God sent Nahum to declare to the Assyrians that He would rise up against them and destroy them. Undoubtedly, the Assyrians were used to such bold declarations and surely could line up the nations who claimed that their gods would bring about their destruction. Indeed, if they looked to their own history with Israel, they might have remembered their time with Hezekiah and Isaiah. Even if they remembered their previous repentance at the time of Jonah, this was not the Nineveh of Jonah’s time. Assyria was hardened and unmoved by the claim that Yahweh would destroy them.

In previous times, they had ready responses to claims of their impending destruction by other gods. “Your god sent us”, “your god agrees with us and is punishing you”, and “your god is nothing more than an idol.”

But, Assyria found out that the God they mocked as being little more than an idol, or as wicked as them was the Holy God and Judge of all the earth.

The Lord may be slow to anger. He may be patient. He may endure the wickedness of men for a time. But there should never be a mistake that His patience will run out and His great wrath will be known.

Just as the Assyrians challenged God with their continual wickedness, cruelty and defiance of Almighty God, so, now, the United States flaunts its own arrogance and takes pride in its sinfulness, declaring as law that which is shameful and abhorrent.

My warning to my countrymen is simple: Do not mistake the patience of God for peace with God. Bow the knee to Christ, the King.

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