A number of years ago I wrote a little tract on atheism. I included it in the new tomb book given the prevalence of naturalistic materialism in the worldviews of those involved with the Tomb theory. I addressed the issue of “evidence” in the following manner:

   Take the issue of evidence as an example. You claim you find no evidence for the existence of God. I claim there is a great deal. If what I have said is true, then you have basically set yourself up as judge, jury, and prosecuting attorney in the case of Me vs. God. Though you certainly have no right to act as judge of God, being His creation, you do so anyway. Since this is obviously an act of rebellion, then you must commit a good deal of energy into making the whole thing work. So, you demand of God (or of those who would speak to you of Him), “Show me the evidence! I shall judge!” Though it is not your position to judge anyway, you demand the evidence all the same. Now, if you were to allow into evidence anything that would demonstrate the existence of God, you would, by default, be letting go of the thing you hold most dear: your autonomy, your independence from God. You would have to step down from the judgment seat and take your proper position as the created being rather than the independent judge. So, to avoid this plight, you simply dismiss any and all evidence that could in any way cause you to have to recognize the existence of God. Despite my providing you a lengthy list of evidences for God, my efforts would be in vain. “Case dismissed for lack of evidence” would be your verdict.

   Almost as if it was meant to be a confirmation of what I said, I received the following e-mail today from, obviously, a fundamentalist atheist:

If you claim without proof that God exists, you’re a liar. I offer $100,000 for proof God exists. If you lack the courage to seek proof, you’re a coward. If you teach children that God exists, you’re a child abuser. You abuse the education of children with lies. You’re a child molester. You molest the minds of children with fraud. You induce children to become victims of criminal fraud for life. If you force children to pray to “one nation under God,” you are a criminal violator of children, not a patriot. If you take money based on claims about God, you are a thief committing criminal fraud. If you build power based on claims about God, you are a fraudulent political criminal. To learn more about this challenge, see www.GodsReward.com.

   When you go to the website and look under “evidence,” you will find the perfect fulfillment of the mindset I referred to above: “As payer of the reward, I reserve final judgment for acceptability of the proof.” Yes, something tells me that $100,000.00 is quite safe, very safe indeed.

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