I read this shocking report that goes into very graphic and difficult detail concerning the torture and murder of three Christians by Muslims in Turkey just a few weeks ago. The press had not seen fit to reveal the scope of the horrific abuse heaped upon these believers by these young men, nor the continued persecution, bigotry, and hatred shown by Muslims in Turkey against the Christian people in general.
   I had the privilege of ministering the Word of God on April 22 on the topic of the persecution of Christians in both the morning and evening services at PRBC. Those sermons are now linked here.
   Finally, in a completely different context, I wish to once again thank all of the faithful brothers who made my time in Anchorage and Coos Bay this past week so enjoyable and, I hope for them, useful. I truly look forward to returning to Anchorage, Lord willing, in August of ’08, and I thank especially Mitch and Jim for their friendship and kindness toward me while up in beautiful Alaska, and of course brother Fowler and the fellowship of Mariner’s Reformed Baptist Church up in Coos Bay as well.

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