Glendale Community College Professor Identifies Christians as the “Religiously Insane,” Tells Christian Students Their Parents Lied to Them; Says Christians Would Nail Jesus to the Cross if He Came Back

   Dr. Lee Carter, a philosophy instructor at Glendale Community College, said the following to his class on October 25, 2007:

And in fact, if Jesus did come back, the most likely people to put him back on the cross would be Christians, and the most likely people to nail him to the cross would be fundamentalist Christians. They would be the ones who would be nailing that son of a bitch back to the cross, because he’d be the one who’d be refuting what they believe, and they wouldn’t want that. Fair enough? So the most likely guys to be hammering in the nails, they are the guys who elected George Bush, and believe in the literal truth of the Bible, and don’t believe in evolution, because they don’t want to use reason, and they don’t want to think, they’d rather stick to their illusions that hopefully may convince them that they don’t have to be afraid at night when they are all alone, and the devil may whisper in their ears. (10/25/07)

   This kind of rhetoric is normative for Dr. Carter, who during the same semester identified Christians as the “religiously insane.” In one class Dr. Carter informed a Christian student in no uncertain terms, in front of the entire class, that her parents had “lied” to her about the authorship of the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, found in the Christian Bible), and then said he would give the student $100 if she could tell him who wrote these books, and that she should start by “Googling it.” This was said despite the fact that Dr. Carter had no idea what the student had, in fact, been taught by her parents on this topic.
   Dr. Carter warns Christian students that they will be challenged in his classes. It is perfectly fine to challenge a Christian student, or a Muslim student, or an atheist student for that matter. But Dr. Lee Carter’s rhetoric is not an example of challenge: it is a clear example of prejudiced, bigoted behavior that goes far beyond anything that can honestly be called “academic freedom.” The above cited instances were not unusual events; the mockery of Christians was a normative element of the lectures given by Dr. Carter.
   This information, in a much fuller form, with full documentation, was provided to the Board of the Maricopa Community Colleges as well as the President of Glendale Community College. When asked if Dr. Carter’s behavior falls under the realm of “academic freedom,” the President of Glendale Community College, Dr. Velvie Green, would only say that the concerns expressed about Dr. Carter’s behavior have been “addressed” with him. Repeated efforts to get a clear, final answer as to whether this kind of prejudicial and bigoted behavior will be allowed to continue under the guise of academic freedom were not answered.
   I believe that if a Christian professor spoke in this fashion to a Muslim student, they would be dismissed instantly and without question. The irony is that another professor at Glendale Community College, Walter Kehowski, though a tenured professor of mathematics, was forced to fight to retain his job after forwarding to colleagues George Washington’s “Thanksgiving Proclamation of 1789.” His greatest mistake was leaving the source of the address on the e-mail: Pat Buchanan’s website. So consider the contrast: one professor has to fight for his job for even daring to note a historical, Christian statement because it was posted on a politically incorrect website: another professor is free to call Christians “the religiously insane,” tell Christian students their parents “lied” to them, and say Christians would nail Jesus to the cross were He to return.

Further documentation on this topic. Includes audio links to discussions, interviews, etc.
Regarding Professor Walter Kehowski
And finally, one might note that Dr. Carter’s comments are significantly more inflammatory than those in this lawsuit in California.

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