I had to chuckle at this one this morning. Dawkins has attracted to himself adoring followers, but they are nasty adoring followers. I have noted that a single video I did criticizing Dawkins’ childish response to a questioner years ago has garnered not only one of the largest totals of views of all of my videos, but the nastiest, vilest responses as well. Atheists in general see no reason to control their tongue (truly, purity in language is for those who believe God created us communicating beings and hence has a concern over what our language says about our hearts), and when they get together, the result is always vulgar and profane. Seems Dawkins wanted to clean up the forums on his website, so he announced a new policy cutting back on the free reign of his Creator-free followers. Well, they may think him infallible, an atheistic messiah of sorts, but they are still atheists, after all. Who is he to exercise control over them? Poor ol’ Richard seems shocked at the nature of his followers. Dr. Dawkins, none of the rest of us are surprised at all. Why are you?

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