Gay police in the UK demonstrate hatred for the Holy Scriptures. (Can you imagine how many people would die in riots and murders across the world if such a picture appeared with the Qur’an instead of the Bible?)
   Firemen Punished for Refusing to Distribute Leaflets at Gay Pride March. Anyone who has seen video of these debauched events knows why these men did not wish to participate. This is nothing less than persecution of Christians and state-sponsored persecution of people who are moral enough to find prancing homosexuals repulsive. This is what the homosexual lobby wants, folks. They not only desire the end of free speech, they want their views forced upon everyone else. They will accept nothing less. (Hat tip to legolas from the UK).
   Pope Stops Short of Apology. As well he should. When we cannot speak the truth, when we cannot even admit history itself, the battle is over.
   Meanwhile, Muslims burned the Pope in effigy, and firebombed churches, all in glorious testimony to how peaceful they are! We need to realize that for Islam, the Pope is the head of Christianity. Very few understand the Reformation, and hence they see anything the Pope says as representing all of Christianity. So, if they can silence the Pope, in their minds, they have silenced Christianity. Their demands in this case, of course, are utterly irrational. They are demanding the same level of control of speech as the homosexuals in the links above: total suppression of any and all criticism of their position is all they will accept. You cannot discuss Mohammad outside of abject acceptance of his claimed prophethood. And if you say jihad is evil, well, that’s evil, too! There is nothing logical or rational about this worldview, and “moderate” Muslims who actually attempt to defend Islam rationally well know they must be silent when Islam takes the majority and shariah is established.
   Let me be very clear here. The Pope said nothing wrong, and if he dares apologize for claiming the right to address history and the issues that relate to Islam’s past, every single Muslim toting an AK-47 in Iraq or throwing firebombs at churches elsewhere will see that as an utter capitulation on the part of all of Christianity, whether they have a clue what the Pope was originally talking about or not.

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