I don’t know how long this link will be valid, but you have probably read about the 3-2 vote of the Colorado Supreme Court throwing out the death penalty conviction of one Robert Harlan all due to the citation of the Bible during the deliberations. Harlan, a murdering rapist thug, deserves the death penalty, but now the citizens of Colorado will get to feed and clothe and care for him for the rest of his life, and for what reason? Because someone dared to read a Bible in the deliberations. Let’s not worry about the fact that the same Scripture passages may be chiseled in marble on various court buildings (the ACLU hasn’t managed to expunge every reference to our Christian heritage quite yet)—never mind that the Ten Commandments are on the wall behind the US Supreme Court. Never mind that some of us actually have the passages cited memorized. No, the single work that influenced the writing of our Constitution and our laws more than any other cannot be read in a jury room, and its worldview cannot be allowed to “influence” the Secular Utopia of the modern American Judiciary. The rule of law has ended: begin the rule of the Priest-King-Judge. We see it all around us. A small class of liberal activist judges have hi-jacked our government, and no one seems to have any idea what to do about it.

This most recent judiciary fiasco illustrates, to a fine point, the effect of the wrath of God upon a nation that has turned its back upon His law. Unrighteous judges are a plague, as Israel discovered (Psalm 82). How someone can call themselves a judge and decide that a murdering rapist will live because someone read the book that we used to have in every courtroom and upon which every witness used to swear is beyond all reason, and shows the effect of the darkening of the mind Paul described in Romans 1. Combine this with the attempt by some in the UK to pass a law criminalizing speech that might “offend” (i.e., in essence outlawing the preaching of the Gospel) and you can see what happens when nations that once basked in the light of the truth come under God’s judgment.

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