While riding yesterday with my lovely wife I listened to the encounter between William Dembski and a South African atheist and biologist, Lewis Wolpert, that took place on the Unbelievable radio program. You can listen to it here, but I warn you, if you are looking for a meaningful exchange on intelligent design, you won’t get it. You will, in fact, beat your head on your desk (metaphorically, I hope), as you experience the perfect example of a man utterly beyond reason. Yet, it is obvious, he views himself as the very picture of logic and rationality. A complete slave of his worldview, Wolpert proves himself incapable of showing the first bit of reflective thought about his own worldview. It is shocking, and sad, to listen to this intelligent man demonstrate the utter totalitarianism of his worldview. And one is left breathless by his assertion that he stopped believing in God because he prayed for help in finding his bat as a child, and, since God didn’t help him, well, that was that! His dogmatic atheism is amazing. But, at the very least, Dembski’s comments are educational and useful.

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